Add Your Tip or FAQ to Modestly Handmade!

Do you have a tip or FAQ that you’d like to see on our site?  Do you have a question that you’ve been asked a lot and simply do not know the answer to?  Let us know!

Not only are we (somewhat) experienced at the craft of woodworking, DIY and more, we are experienced researchers as well.  If we do not know the answer, we certainly have the means, methods and relationships to find it out.  If one of your submitted tips or FAQs get answered, we’ll be sure to recognize you in that tip or FAQ!  Whether it is linking to your website, Twitter profile, Facebook page or just putting your name in straight text – we’ll show everyone that you were able to help us out!

Submit your tip question or FAQ here, and check back soon to see if your tip or FAQ made the cut!

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