Signs for Home Gym – Wood Burned

As we’ve stated, we came up actually creating wood burned signs, on our site made specifically for wood burning – and signs.  So, we figured we might as well highlight one of our favorite signs we have done.

That is one for Kimo’s Korner.  We got the creativity to use a brush script font, and absolutely loved how it turned out.

This was actually created for someone’s home gym, which goes to show that you can have a really cool custom piece while shedding some pounds or getting in shape (like we all need, I’m sure!).

We really like the idea of having custom signs for your home gym – we are actually building our own home gym right now in our unfinished basement (don’t worry, we will definitely document this progress).  Quotes, motivations and more – there are a ton of good ideas for home gym signs.  We are even ‘making’ some of our equipment, which we’ll document in the future once it’s done as well.  There are a ton of cool workouts you can do with random things from around the house that will give you a great workout and cost nothing!

Here’s a pic of the wood burned sign:


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