Kreg Jig Product Review, Description and Uses

The most classic tool from Kreg Tool, the Kreg Jig, is a staple for DIYers like myself.  We at Modestly Handmade are avid users of all Kreg Tools, and recommend all and any of them for a job well done.  We personally utilize about 90% of the tools Kreg has come out with, but we started with the Kreg Jig Master System, which is a great starter tool for the novice woodworker.

Kreg Jig Description:

The primary use for the Kreg Jig is to build furniture and cabinets.  Kreg Tool has come out with a number of Kreg Jig products since the initial Kreg Jig, all with their own uses to make woodworking easier and more productive.

Kreg Tool has the following products in their Kreg Jig line:

  • Kreg Jig – great for furniture, cabinets, and more
  • Kreg Jig Master System – great starter system for all woodworkers
  • Kreg Jig HD – for big jobs, large outdoor products, wall studs,
  • Kreg Jig Mini – very useful for smaller jobs and repairs
  • Kreg Jig Jr. – useful for smaller jobs in tight places, such as building drawers

The Kreg Jig’s initial use was to be used as a joiner to build cabinetry, but it has evolved for many different uses as time goes on.

Our Review:

Rating:  9.5/10

Overall, we rave about the Kreg Jig and recommend it for builders and woodworkers of any level.  From beginner woodworkers to the professionals, there are many uses for the Kreg Jig, and it really helps to create a quality product.

Pros: There are many pros for the Kreg Jig, and we’ve highlighted the major pros below.

  • Versatile for many jobs
  • Easy to use for woodworkers of all levels
  • Good for workshops of any size
  • Creates a very strong joint for furniture

Cons:  The cons are few and far between, but there are some minor usability issues that would make this product a 10/10.

  • Manual adjustments for different wood sizes are in efficient
  • Sizing adjustments for the bit take some time as well

Our Use:

We use the Kreg Jig the most out of any of Kreg’s line of tools.  We have used the Kreg Jig to mostly build furniture of all different types. We love the versatility of the Kreg Jig, as it can be used to build furniture for pretty much every room of the house. We have built:

  • Table for our kitchen area
  • Bar stools for the table
  • Custom night stands
  • Large dresser for our bedroom

Each of these products are different, but turned out great with the use of the Kreg Jig.  If you are questioning whether or not you should get one, we strongly recommend that you take the steps and make the purchase.  The Kreg Jig is reasonably priced, and you can get one, watch the DVDs and get started within a day or even less.  In a matter of days, with some trial and inevitable error, you can make pieces for your own home and save loads of money for a custom, high quality product.

We recommend getting started today!

You can purchase the Kreg Jig at any Lowe’s store or on their website at

We hope you take advantage of one of the greatest tools for woodworkers in our generation.  Please, as you develop plans, let us know about it!  We are always interested in letting others in the community know about other’s plans.  Email with your writeup of a plan or piece of woodworking you built using the Kreg Jig.  You can also fill out our contact form with the pertinent info at


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