DIY Workbench Plans

Below you will find a list of links to project plans to build your own workbench. Many DIYers and homeowners alike utilize workbenches in their garage or shed on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. The workbench has become the quintessential jack-of-all-trades in the workshop, and there are many uses. Whether is used to store and organize your garage items a little better, store wood for woodworking, hold a compound mitre saw, or so you can work on your projects and quick fixes at a comfortable height, every home needs a workbench.

Workbenches are a great beginner project for any homeowner, and they can be built with simple and basic tools. You can also make workbenches more elaborate, as some of the links to plans on this page are. Whether you are looking to purchase or find a free plan specifically for a workbench, or find a group of thousands of plans, we have compiled the best workbench information on the web.

What should I take into consideration before building a workbench?

You really want to make sure that you build the workbench that is right for your space. If you have a large garage or an extra stall with plenty of room, your limitations could be endless. If you have a smaller garage with less space, then you might want to consider a fold down workbench or a smaller corner workbench. There are many options here and you really need to keep in mind the space that you will have (or won’t have) before you decide to build your workbench.

You should also consider what kind of work you typically do around the house, and what you will primarily use your workbench for. If you are going to be fixing or building furniture, you might want to make the workbench a little bigger. If you are only building it for storage, maybe you maximize the use of drawers or shelves on your workbench.

What kind of workbench should I build?

There are a LOT of workbench plans out there, and our advice to you is to simply look through each plan (make sure they have photos of the end product) to figure out what workbench will be right for you.

There are many types: classic, fold down, fold up, high top, bench with hooks, low top, and many more. Be sure to look at as many as you can and consider the space you have as well as the usage before you start your build.

List of all sites with woodbench plans (sorted alphabetically):

Art of Manliness

Corner Hardware

Family Handyman

Fine Woodworking

Hammer Zone

Handyman USA

Popular Mechanics

Popular Woodworking

Wanye of the Woods

Wood Central

Wood Magazine

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