DIY Pergola Plans

Pergolas are becoming more and more prevalent in backyards of houses nowadays, as they can bring a ton of character and a lot of functionality to any backyard. Below, you will find a comprehensive directory of links to do it yourself pergola plans that we have gathered from different sites all over the web.

What is a pergola? Generally speaking, a pergola is a structure (typically wooden) that people use in their yards or gardens for shade and to achieve a desired look. They are becoming more of a trend for DIYers nowadays, as many woodworkers of all skill levels are beginning to pick up plans, get their materials and build their pergola structure.

What are some different kinds of pergola styles?

There are numerous types of styles, but the most common is a simple deck or patio pergola with four legs, freestanding. People also construct columnar, path or walkway, adjacent (connected and anchored to a house or another structure for one side and with two posts for the other), and garden pergolas depending on their preference.

What materials are needed to build a pergola yourself?

In general, you need a few different types of quality saws. The most beneficial saws to have for a pergola project are a compound mitre saw (chop saw), reciprocating saw (saws all), circular saw, as well as a hand saw just in case. You will also want to make sure that you have a powered cordless drill with numerous drill bits. Wrenches and a good socket set will also come in handy for a pergola project.

In addition to all of the hand tools you will want for the actual construction of the pergola, you will also need to remember that more than likely, you will need to anchor at least a few of the legs into the ground, so a good spade or post digger will be very useful for this project. Note that many people have many different uses for tools depending on the plan and a woodworker’s preference, so actual tools that you might need for your project could vary based on who you are talking to.

Alphabetical list of all sites with DIY pergola woodworking plans:

Ana White

DIY Garden Plans

DIY Network

Family Handyman

Garden Structure

Home Depot

Popular Mechanics

Ron Hazelton

Western Red Cedar Organization

Wood Magazine

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