DIY Furniture Plans

Below, you will find a comprehensive list of furniture woodworking plans that we have gathered over the years. The DIY plans below are great for a number of different skill levels, from beginners that have never done any wood working whatsoever to experienced woodworkers and craftsman that are just looking for more good ideas.

We have done extensive research on woodworking plans, and have scoured the web to try to find the best.  Starting out as a beginner woodworker, we could not (at that time) come up with plans on our own, and it can seem overwhelming to think that you are about to build something from absolutely nothing.  Thankfully for the internet, there are a ton of resources available (this is why we have been creating our own free DIY furniture plans and guides for our readers – to help others pick up the tools and build something themselves).

Over the past year, we have researched and ranked our own list of furniture woodworking plans that you can find online.  Some of these guides are free, and some are paid, but all of them will help you build something.  We are now coming up with our own plans from scratch, and we are able to build our own furniture pieces based on our own sketches.  The way we got to that point was by researching hundreds and hundreds of plans, and we took something from each and every one.

Many of the plans listed on this site are do-able by beginners with enough effort and the right tools, but you really need to see numerous plans to get a good understanding of ‘how things work’. At one point and time not too long ago – we were inexperienced in woodworking.

We bought a couple tools (circular saw and a Kreg Jig), and jumped right in. We loved it, and you will too. There is no greater feeling of accomplishment than building something with your own hands from absolutely nothing.

Why should I build my furniture when I can just buy it?

Building your own furniture can actually save you quite a bit of money. We estimate that we have saved over $4,000 by making our own counter-height kitchen table, set of barstools, double nightstands and a large dresser for our bedroom.

In addition to saving you some money, it gives you a sense of pride that any home owner (or renter) should have. When someone compliments your furniture and asks you where you got it, there is nothing more satisfying than saying “I actually built that myself” and watching their eyes get big and their jaw drop!

Do I need special tools to build my own furniture?

Special tools can certainly enhance your woodworking prowess, but they are not required. On the most basic of levels and projects, you can get by with just the essentials: drill, saw, sandpaper, stain and paint. Of course, the more challenging the project is, the more time a project will take. Specialized tools such as biscuit joiners, jigs and joint joiners, sanders, table saws, routers and more will save you a lot of time and will help make the project more professional. However, many woodworkers find themselves accumulating the more specialized tools as they complete projects. It is recommended to start small, and start with the basic necessities. Get a list of woodworking plans for furniture, start with the simplest project and work your way up.

How do I know which wood to use if I build my own furniture?

As with anything, you should definitely be sure to do your research before purchasing wood. Many of the plans – featured and non-featured – on this site provide specific detail on the types of wood they use, as well as the cut list and buy list to try to make it easy for you to get the right wood. For some of the projects we have built ourselves, we have used a variety of wood grades – from high-end cherry to standard poplar lumber. Because each project was handmade, they have all turned out great!

Alphabetical list of all sites with DIY furniture woodworking plans:

American Furniture Design Company

Amish Direct Furniture

All Woodwork

Ana White

Better Living Through Design

Cambium Books

DIY Network


Family Handyman

Fine Woodworking

Garrett Wade

House Plans and More

Jeff Greef Woodworking


Popular Mechanics


The Design Confidential

Wood Magazine

Woodcraft Plans

Woodworkers Woodshop

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