DIY Bird House Plans

Below, you will find a number of links valuable for finding your own DIY bird house plan. We have gathered a list of links to plans for bird houses built by a number of hobbyists and woodworkers around the world. Many people get a lot out of bird houses, and there are a number of reasons to build your own. Whether you are building it as a gift for someone or for your own enjoyment, bird houses are a great beginner project for anyone that loves to DIY.

What should I take into consideration before building my own birdhouse?

There are multiple things to keep in mind before you start building a bird house.

Placement. You want to think of where it is going to be placed on your property: are you mounting to a tree or your house? Will it be hanging from a branch or another structure? Determine where you are going to place the bird house upon its completion.

Bird types in you area.You also should figure out what types of birds are in your area. Try a few searches in Google to figure out what the common birds are in your neighborhood. You can also try finding your town or city’s website, and looking at the wildlife section.

Materials. What materials do you plan on using to build your bird house? New wood? Old wood? Many people use old barn wood to build bird houses, which can give the birdhouse a lot of character.

Alphabetical list of sites with DIY bird house plans:

All Free Crafts

Ana White

Choose Freedom

Family Handyman

Fave Crafts

Mother Earth News

NA Blue Bird Society

Tip Nut

Are we missing any sites that have free or paid bird house plans? If so, please let us know! We appreciate your help in making this the best directory bird house plans on the web. Just send us an email at

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