Unique Front Door Paint Colors

Everyone is always thinking “How can I make my house unique?” In the day and age of subdivisions and homeowners associations, many homes look very similar (although many developers are starting to change this line of thinking and offering even more choices to homeowners and new builds). One of the things you can do as a homeowner is to paint your front door a unique color of paint. It’s easy, it’s simple, and it does not take very much time. And even better, it is a very inexpensive way to get a lot of individuality for what is typically the first entry into your home – the front door.

We have brought together some of the most unique front door paint colors from around the web into this one article. There are a number of different paints you can use here, between an enamel, gloss (high gloss or low gloss), latex, or stain or varnish. Many of the doors that will follow use stain or varnish (plus a clear coat for protection), but some use one of the aforementioned paint types as well. Just be sure you know the positives and negatives of each type of paint before you go out and buy some at your local Lowe’s. On to our collection of unique paint colors for your front door!

Bright Turquoise Painted Front Door

This is a great use of the blue/teal color for a front door.  It’s bright but not tacky, and brings an obvious unique effect to your house!

Source:  Beyond the Screen

Tuscan Style Stained Front Door

This technique is achieved by Remodoholic.com by using hardware on a budget after the original staining was done.  It turned out to be a really neat design and brought a lot of uniqueness to the home.

Light-Wood, Stained Wide Front Door with Custom Woodworking

Source:  MyHomeIdeas

Orange, Blue, Gray Painted Doors Really Stand Out!



From Homedit.com, we have multiple doors with very unique colors.  The bright orange door brings obvious flair to your home, while the gray door is more muted but brought out with the red accents.  Blue and green are also great stand out colors you can use to make your home stand out.  We also really like the use of the blue door and its house numbers.  It is a very uncommon technique that turned out to look great.

 Purple Front Door Paint Color Idea


This is not exactly our cup of tea for a color choice, but to each their own!  Also from Homedit.com.

 Bright Yellow Front Door – Bam!


Wow this door is bright!  Form DG.

Hopefully you got some inspiration from some of these unique front door paint choices from around the internet – there are many simple things you can do with paint to truly bring out an exclusive look for your home.  In a neighborhood of apples, you can be the orange.  And you do not have to use the color orange to be different.  As you’ve seen above, you can use stain, red, blue (with some really cool lettering), and even purple and yellow.  Share your door colors!


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