DIY Tile for the Bathroom and 2 Entryways

We used to have linoleum in our bathrooms and carpet throughout our entire sunken living room.  We hated the linoleum and while the carpet was comfy to walk on, it’s horrific to keep clean, especially with a dog that is going in and out multiple times per day.  We decided to give it a go and tile ourselves for the exit to the back patio and the entrance from the garage, and it actually turned out pretty good.  One thing we did differently than most – we used Schluter Ditra underlayment instead of the old fashioned cement board.  Without question this was a great decision.  It was a little more expensive, but all you had to do was set it with mortar – the same mortar we used to set the tile.

For what it’s worth with this project – I had only tiled once before so I was by no means an expert.  It’s actually pretty easy though – just be patient.  Thank you, YouTube! 🙂

We decided we wanted to add inserts to our tile to bring some custom flair.  It turned out great, but it meant we had to use a tile cutter to cut every piece of tile.  It went pretty slick actually.

Here you can see the Schluter Ditra underlayment (it’s orange), and the progress as I was laying and setting the tile.


Here is the (nearly finished) back patio entryway.  This literally took 45 minutes.  We let it dry for around 30 hours and then grouted!





The garage entryway looked a little odd without the inserts on the right side of the photo below, but once we got the trim back on it looks just fine!  Note in the below photo how dirty our carpet is – that replacement will be coming here in December of 2013.




The bathroom right off of the entryway from the garage turned out great (it used to have linoleum which we absolutely hated!).  While we were at it, we replaced the toilet with a fancy push-button, dual flush toilet.  Turned out pretty good!



Till next time friends – go tile away!

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