DIY Living Room Ideas and Decor

The living room is the room most families spend the majority of their time.  Whether it is watching the television or just sitting around and chatting, many people want to make their living rooms an exceptional place to have company or just sit around with their family and friends.

Creating a space that is homey and unique is many homeowners’ dream.  We’ve gathered a list of simple DIY projects for the living room.  Any of these DIY living room projects can bring an exclusive, individual look to your living room, and might even end up being the topic of conversation!

Paint Ideas for the Living Room

Of course, painting can do wonders for any room.  Try painting one wall some wacky color, or using some weird pattern on another wall.  Maybe you just take one section of a wall and put up some graphics.  The possibilities with paint are endless.  We have found some pretty cool examples to get your ideas flowing for you living room.


Photos courtesy of (orange room), (graphics),

DIY Shelving Decor for the Living Room

Shelving is very simple to build yourself and is a staple starting or beginner project for many DIYers.  DIY shelves can also bring a lot of functionality to the room, and most people can always use extra storage.

Photos courtesy of (shelving)

Signage – DIY for your Living Room Space

DIY signs are a fun, simple project that anyone can do with a saw and some paint.  If you prefer, you can even head over to a flea market or a junk expo and purchase something vintage and possible rare.


Photos courtesy of (antiques sign),  The Vanhorn family blog (sign)

Refurnish Old Furniture for your Living Room

We love this rustic refinished coffee table, and it cost next to nothing and really only took a half of a day.  Using some sandpaper, a little stain and some paint, you can turn any piece of furniture into something that just looks really cool and unique.

Painted, stained, sanded refinished coffee table  

Photos courtesy of (Blue furniture)

Something Weird – the Best Idea for a Unique Living Room

We consider DIYers to be very innovative.  One of the first things anyone is supposed to do when innovating is think of what other people are doing, then do the exact opposite (side note for Seinfeld fans, George Costanza implemented this strategy and had great success – one of my favorite episodes).  In the living room, most people have the standard entertainment center, matching furniture, end tables and a television.  What would happen if you threw something weird in there?  An old bicycle, recycled road sign furniture, a vintage pop machine, or even a boat or motorcycle?

Yes, a boat or a motorcycle.

Think of the weirdest thing you can think of and get it into the living room.  Everyone will talk about your DIY living room idea and let you know how creative you are (you’re welcome for the ego boost :)).  These are some of our favorite examples.



Photos courtesy of Mylittlemoments (boat shelves), Thehulltruth (suspended boat piece), (recycled signs furniture and chairs), (motorcycle rocking chair)


Do not let your imagination stop running here – there are a ton of things you can do to your living room, or decor you can bring in to your living room.

Hopefully we helped spur some ideas of your own (contact us if you want us to post any), but these DIY living room ideas and decor examples should hopefully get you started to making your often visited living room the centerpiece of your home!

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