DIY Fall Blocks for the Mantle

These DIY F-A-L-L blocks were easily made in less than a half of a day, and are a great addition to any mantle, fireplace or bookshelf to bring some fall to your house.  The blocks were simply purchased a local store and painted.  Then, we free-handed the letters, using all different font styles to bring a unique touch to the blocks.

Anyone could do these blocks any time they would like, and these could be utilized for Winter, Summer or Spring as well, but with more festive colors depending on the season.


  • Blocks – appropriate number for the season you are spelling out
  • Paint – whatever colors you like.  We used blue, orange, purple and green, as well as an off white color for the lettering
  • Paint brush – a couple foam brushes spread the paint on the blocks best, and a thin, typical paintbrush works best for the lettering

Steps (caution: extremely simple!):

  1. Paint the blocks whatever color you choose and let them dry
  2. Choose the fonts you want for your seasonal blocks
  3. You can stencil them onto the blocks for more precision if you can’t freehand.  We have done this by printing out the letters, then cutting them out old-school style and taping them onto the wooden surface.
  4. Paint the letters
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Put on the mantle, fireplace, shelf or wherever you decide!

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