Preview: Painted Kitchen Sign

Here is a hand painted custom kitchen sign that we made.

We will be posting about the directions for all of our signs soon (and more!), but wanted to at least get some of these out here.

If anyone reading this has any questions about how to make this sign in particular, please come back!  Bookmark us  – we will be posting the how to, step by step, along with photos, of how to make your own painted kitchen sign.

Here’s a photo of what’s to come for the custom painted grocery sign!


Here is a straight on photo of the hand painted kitchen sign:


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2 Responses

  1. admin says:

    Love this sign.

  2. Catalina says:

    Right there with ya, sister! I LOVE the light fxiture. I saw something so similar yesterday at a store. We will keep our island, but need lighting over it, and I love this choice. We installed two small track lights, small bulbs, pewter finish, in the kitchen so far. We had to remove the ugly 70 s fluorescent light, and we don’t want to rewire yet (because we still want to gut it). It will do for now, and wow, what a diffrence! I can actually see. I bet the paint change made huge difference in your house too.

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