TIP: How To Clean Wood Floors

The quick and dirty (but soon to be clean) advice of cleaning wood floors?  Use a vinegar and water mixture!  It’s easy, it is simple and it is very cheap and inexpensive.  People are always wondering what cleaner to purchase at the furniture outlet store, or at their local Lowe’s.  But the cleaner they have been looking for has probably been in the cupboards this whole time – vinegar!

The steps to the cleanest wood floors on the block

All you need to do is grab your mop bucket and add in a couple quick pours of vinegar, then add hot water, and you have yourself a cleaning solution for your precious wood floors.

Our recommendation:  clean the floor in small, manageable sections with a wet towel dunked in the vinegar-hot water mixture.  Then, use a drying towel to dry the floor from the mixture.  This is better than just letting water stand on your wood floors, and we have found it to be a much more effective way of cleaning.

Another quick tip:  Make this a two person job.  Wives, get your husbands to do the drying (or vice versa of course!).  It decreases the cleaning time in half, and is a great way for them to get a mini abdominal exercise :).

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