Get the New Kreg Jig HD for BIG Jobs!

Kreg Jig introduced this week with their latest tool – the Kreg Jig HD.  The Kreg Jig HD is to be used for the big projects – the video they have on their social network (and released on their Facebook page) even shows them framing wall studs, which in my opinion would be about a hundred times easier than toe nailing studs.  I will say that I’ll probably find this out in the near future, since I will be finishing our basement at some point and time.

The point of the Kreg Jig HD is to be Heavy Duty, for all the projects that are larger than your average size.  A bigger bit, bigger screws and bigger pockets.  They also claim to have more strength in the joints – 50 percent stronger and larger, actually – as well as more power with being able to work with larger pieces of wood.  Dealing with 4×4’s is a good opportunity to use the HD – this would’ve come in handy with our DIY rustic counter height table for sure, although we did make that work just fine with the original Kreg Jig.  They also mention using the new Kreg Jig HD for outdoor projects, or to simply build stronger joints with larger pieces of wood, but this would also work great in the dining room, for kitchen projects, and in the garage as well.  All in all, this appears to be another good tool put out by a good company.

I’ll probably get my hands on one of these bad boys and give it a test.  I’ll be sure to write up a review for the new Kreg tool – I’m pretty much a fan already since this is similar to the Kreg Jig master system, but just a little larger.

Side note:  Join the Kreg Jig social network if you’re interested in some project ideas or if you are thinking of getting one.  It’s well maintained and has some cool photos and videos.  You can even sign in with Twitter.

The Kreg Jig HD is expected to come out in June 2012, so stay tuned.  Photo courtesy of

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