Garage Organization Kits

There are a ton of garage organization kits out there – some DIY, some you can just buy.  What’s the best?  Well, it depends on your garage and what you are looking to do in terms of organization.  Let’s start with the basics that are a necessity for any garage:

Workbench:  Of course, every good garage needs a workbench. This is a must – you need to store your tools and have something to do all of your work on.

Shelves:  Another must-have to keep organized.  Shelving can hold everything – from planters to tools to random crap, shelving makes it easy.

A few quick garage organization kit overviews

Let’s move on to the kits.  Here are a few that I’ve come across:

Rubbermaid Fasttrack:  a nice, low cost solution for any garage.  The accessories can add up, but they come with a huge variety of options for anyone’s garage.

Wall to Wall Storage: very cool stuff at this site for the high-end garage guy.  Note:  not for those that are looking for an inexpensive solution – it’s pricey!

Gladiator Garageworks: I do not have much experience with Gladiator, but it looks like they have some cool options. They have a huge number of kits, where the costs range from the low hundreds into the thousands.  From looking around their site, it’s a company I could look at even more if I was looking for a garage organization kit.

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