Handmade Gifts Idea: Subscription to Fair Ivy – Interview with Lucy Fairweather

Many guys look high and low to figure out what to get the special woman in their life for any special occasion.  And, with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you might be fretting last minute to figure out what to get her.

We came across a pretty cool holiday gift idea called Fair Ivy that we wanted to share.  It would be great for any gift, but with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, this is a great last minute gift idea.

Fair Ivy is a great gift idea for any woman in your life, but especially women that enjoy and appreciate unique, handmade gift items.

We are also a huge fan of Fair Ivy’s mission, as they are not only providing women with great gifts, but providing artisans a chance to get the word out about their product – we are big fans of helping out the DIY community and small businesses!

Interview with Lucy Fairweather from Fair Ivy


We were able to interview the Founder of Fair Ivy, Lucy Fairweather, to get the scoop on the subscription.

Thanks for joining us today Lucy! Let’s get started – in your words, what is Fair Ivy?
We like to think of Fair ivy as a subscription company that delivers happiness—our customers receive beautiful, handmade, unique gifts for women in the mail each month.

Each one is sent by an individual crafter who lovingly creates and wraps the goodie so that even the experience of opening each one of our packages is a special treat.

What do you get with a Fair Ivy subscription?
We send 2-4 new handmade gifts every single month, so that the surprise excitement never ends.  And if you give the subscription as a gift, you get month after month of thank-yous from your happy recipient!

Can you give some examples of some gifts that have been a part of Fair Ivy?
Definitely!  We are big fans of dainty silver and gold necklaces or earrings, artisan soaps, teas, chocolates—but every month brings a new assortment of luxurious products.  You can see what we’ve sent in the past here:  http://www.fairivy.com/past-products

How did you come up with such a great idea?
I was sitting with a friend, discussing how fun it’d be to be able to get packages in the mail and not know what they were (just like in camp or college)!  Realizing that a service like that didn’t really exist beyond magazine or cheese subscriptions, I set to work making a cute yet luxurious subscription service for women.

What is your favorite part of being a part of a business like Fair Ivy?
I love the handmade aspect of it—working with small businesses and artists who lovingly create each item is my favorite part of the day.  I also get to visit craft shows to hunt for new surprise items—what woman wouldn’t love a job where she gets to shop for a living?

What else should we know about Fair Ivy?
Since every product we send is handmade by an artisan in the US, every subscription purchased supports not only the US-economy, but also an individual’s dream at running their own small business. So these are feel-good subscriptions to give and receive as well!

Rather than procrastinate until February 14th at noon to find my wife a gift, where can I subscribe?
Over at our site:  http://www.fairivy.com

There you have it guys – there is no excuse to not have a gift for your girlfriend or wife!  This is certainly one of the most unique gift ideas I have seen, and it offers a diverse set of gifts on a monthly basis for your loved one.

Thanks again to Lucy Fairweather for her time with us at Modestly Handmade!


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