DIY Furniture Plans and More

We currently offer free DIY furniture plans and general DIY plans on Modestly  Handmade.  Eventually we might start charging for them, but we’ll see.  For now, we just want other people to get out there and Do It Yourself!  If you ask us our favorites, we’ll be honest and say it was the rustic counter height table.  This is also the most popular plan for our readers, and people on Pinterest seem to love it as well.  We also had a lot of fun painting the grocery sign for our kitchen, as well as completing out our DIY table with four bar stools to complete the set, all for about a quarter of the price (but quadruple the labor) of the price of a similar set out at Nebraska Furniture Mart (we’re in the Midwest).  We also like taking on refinishing projects, and those are fun to do as a quick project, rather than one that takes up the majority of the weekend.

Below you can find all of the DIY plans that we have created – from DIY sign plans to DIY furniture plans, we are doing everything DIY.  You too can get your DIY project featured on Modestly Handmade – just scroll down to see what we are looking for, and contact us with your idea!

DIY Furniture Plans

DIY rustic counter height table plan

DIY counter height rustic tableSkill level:  Late beginner to intermediate
Cost:  $150 or so
Time:  About 6 hours total

DIY rustic counter height bar stool plan

Skill level:  Intermediate

Cost:  $150 or so
Time:  About 16 hours total

DIY L-shaped desk plan and guide

Skill level:  Beginner

Cost:  $45 or so
Time:  About a weekend


DIY Sign Plans

DIY rustic kitchen sign plan – GROCERY

Skill level:  Beginner

Cost:  under $30
Time:  About 6 hours total


DIY Refinished Furniture Plans

Rustic refinished coffee table plan

Refinished rustic coffee tableSkill level:  Beginner

Cost:  under $30
Time:  About 4 hours total


How Do You Get Your DIY Project Featured on Modestly Handmade?

We welcome anyone to let us know about any projects you have done.  Please contact us and let us know – we would love to have you write for us, and you can include your own pictures and links to anything you would like (as long as we deem them and your project appropriate).  It must be DIY, and you will need to take photos.  We ourselves like longer, more descriptive articles, but we’re long winded – as long as you have done it yourself, the project can be uploaded to Modestly Handmade.

We really love to post about DIY furniture plans and wood projects, but welcome anything else as well!

How Do We Come Up With Our DIY Project Ideas?

Well, there are a lot of ways that we come up with our project ideas to build ourselves.  We have a number of web sites that we read constantly, and my wife is on Pinterest more often than not.  We really like to find a plan and really make it our own.  A lot of the woodworking I do is actually just from my head, and I build as I go along.  I’m very thankful for sketches and pencils as well – they help to get everything on paper to figure out what direction we head into.  If you have an idea you think would look cool to try, let me know and we might give it a shot!