Wine Cork Bath Mat – DIY in Less than 15 Mins!

Let’s face it – bath mats are typically boring, towel-like obstacles placed in the bathroom out of necessity.

But, what if they can be more?

What if they were actually the focal point of the bathroom (aside from the throne, of course)?

This Wine Cork Bath Mat by is a really cool way to bring a sense of individuality and design to the bathroom, and is also an extremely practical item for the wash room as well.

Many do it yourselfers are always looking for ideas to use wine corks or incorporate some sort of winery art and feel to many rooms of their house, and wine corks are one of the top materials for DIYers.  At the end of this post, we will also show you some alternative uses for the wine cork bath mat, but for now, on to the steps of the project!

Step 1 – Get a Shadowbox

FHI has a step by step summary of how to create the bath mat for use outside of your shower, but it is actually very simple.  All you need to do is purchase a shadow box, typically used for creating collages of photographs, storing dried flowers or other 3D art, and much more (probably never a bath mat!).

Step 2 – Take the Glass Out of the Shadowbox and Paint if You Want

You then take the glass out of the shadowbox (FHI recommends saving it for another project).  If you would want to paint the shadowbox, this would be a good time to do it and let it dry.

Step 3 – Line the Shadowbox with Wine Corks

Next, you line the bottom of the shadow box with wine corks placed up and down and next to each other.  To get the wine corks if you are not a big wine connoisseur, you can ask your local wine bar or wine vineyard, or ask some of your friends to save their corks and donate them to your project.

You will want to line the bottom of the shadow box with the corks, keeping them as tight as possible so the corks will not slip around when you step on them.  Keep in mind that you do not want to go absolutely crazy here and stuff them in there so compact that the sides of the shadowbox start breaking away.


Finished!  Place in the Bathroom!

That is it!  This is a very simple project and can bring a lot of character to any bathroom.  It is also a very practical project, and really only takes about 15 minutes to complete.  That is outstanding for a simple weekday or school night project.

Other Practical Uses for the Wine Cork Bath Mat

Not sure you can use this for the bathroom?  Use it in your dining room as an art piece, or in the office or kitchen as a bulletin board!  You could also place it in a zen-like bedroom to really bring together the room.  There are a lot of different options for this wine cork bath mat-slash-art piece- slash bulletin board!

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