Vintage Bar Stools Collection

A lot of people come to this site looking for our DIY bar stool plan.  We really love that plan and the bar stools work perfectly for our kitchen and our counter height table.  However, some people have different tastes for their home or bar area.  This is why we’ve searched and scoured the web to come up with our vintage bar stools collection.  Here we have gathered images of vintage bar stools that would look great in anyone’s home, and have provided links to the originator and creators of each bar stool.

Without further ado, we bring you the Modestly Handmade Vintage Bar Stools Collection.


Vintage Oak Stools with Leather Seats

Vintage leather upholstered wine bar stools would be great for any bar or wine cellar.

  • Vintage Oak Wine Barrel Bistro Table & Stools with Leather Seats
  • Review:  These are a great way to kick off the collection.  I never would have thought to use a wine barrel for a bar, let alone for a bar stool!  These bar stools are one of my favorites that I have seen.  Using the nice, natural curve of the wine barrel and comfortable leather upholstered seat, these are a very cool unique design from  These would be outstanding in a basement bar or wine cellar if you have one.


1970’s Leather Upholstered Bar Stools

  • Charlotte Perriand – Charlotte Perriand Bar Stools
  • Review:  Simple, sleek bar stools that could really fit anywhere.  With vibrant colors and a unique design, these would look great in a kitchen or in a basement bar.

Leather upholstered unique bar stools – great for a bar or the kitchen.



Industrial Swivel Bar Stools

  • Hudson Goods Industrial Bar Stools
  • Review:  These are just a classic industrial, new age bar stool staple for any bar or funky kitchen looking for a unique touch.  Hudson Goods has a bunch of cool industrial, loft style hardware and furniture, and this industrial bar stool does not disappoint.  Great for a basement bar and a kitchen.

Vintage swivel industrial stools would look great in any kitchen or basement bar.


Vintage Southwestern Bar Stools

Nice unique paint make these bar stools an excellent and stunning set.

  • Vintage turquoise Southwestern bar stools
  • No. 2 Pencil
  • Review:  This is actually a relatively simple project to rescue some bar stools from the 80’s.  With some sand and creative painting, you can make these DIY stools appear in your home.  No. 2 Pencil did a great job using color to bring these to life, and they really turned out great.  These would be great if you have a funky kitchen that you want to bring color to.





Vintage Metal Bar Stools

  • Vintage counter bar stools – metal
  • Review:  It’s not often I’ll sneak in something that is mostly or all metal, but these are too cool to pass up.  You really have to get a little lucky (or be some sort of metal fabricator that I really know nothing about) or buy a reproduction (which is what Debbie did) to find these metal bar stools.  Although I’d rather DIY, sometimes reproductions do turn out great, as these did.  They look great in Debbie’s kitchen, however, and could look great in yours as well!

These are reproductions, but you can keep your eyes open at auctions or flea markets and find bar stools that are similar.


Classic Retro Bar Stools

  • Retro diner red bar stools
  • Review:  These are the classic retro bar stool that you would find in most diners back in the ’50’s.  Many people have put these in retro basements and garages, and they still look great there!  These can often be found at Pottery Barn, Macy’s, or other furniture or liquidation stores.

These retro red bar stools are a 1950’s classic diner staple.


That’s it for now!  We will continue to keep our eyes peeled for more vintage bar stools, and will probably have a part 2 come up at some point and time in the near future.  In the meantime if you have a vintage bar stool you’ve rescued or built yourself, please be sure to contact us and let us know!  We post a lot of user’s content, and this is how we start our search for our collections of great furniture throughout the web.



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