DIY Rustic Wine Rack for the Dining Room or Bar

Everyone needs some place to effectively and efficiently store wine right?  Especially in their dining room.

This DIY rustic wine rack found by looks like a good idea that is also practical to store your wine.  In fact, we are going to be building this in the near future and will post our step by step instructions (we’ve wanted a wine rack in our dining room for quite some time but for the sake of time and the ever growing list of things to do, it has not yet gotten completed).

What I like most about this wine rack is that it is compact.  Our dining room is not huge, so a gigantic, sprawling centerpiece to hold wine just would not work.  However, this wine rack only takes up a few feet, but looks like it holds about 16 bottles of wine – not too bad for our small family of 2 wine drinkers!

I’m speculating how this was built, but you can easily do something similar:

  • Measure the height of your dining room, from floor to ceiling
  • Buy or find any piece of wood that you can cut to that size (and cut it)
  • Drill holes in the piece of wood large enough to fit a wine bottle in (I’d assume these are drilled at an angle)
  • Paint or stain that wood to whatever you would like
  • Buy 2 brackets (I’m thinking of stainless brackets used for decking – they can be spray painted to match your dining room)
  • Secure the two brackets to the floor and ceiling
  • Install your piece of wood

Again, just speculating here, but that is how we are going to be tackling it.  Once we get our own wine rack completed, which we will base on this DIY rustic wine rack, we will update this post with a link to it!

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