DIY Interior Barn Door in Less Than 2 Hours!

After remodeling our entire cabin, we knew that the dirty old nasty door to one of the bedrooms just had to go.  We had the idea to build a DIY barn door to give the room a nice look and feel and to bring a more custom look to the entire cabin.  We plan on doing a larger writeup series on the entire cabin remodel (it took 2 years), but that will be coming later in the year (just wanted to get a mini back story in there).

We vaulted the ceiling of the cabin, and used knotty pine wood to give it that rustic fill.  Thankfully, we had some leftover pine, and we figured we should put it to use and make a door.  To my surprise, it took me about 2 hours to build this door.  It absolutely flew and turned out great!

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How to build it

This door was so easy it wasn’t even funny, so excuse my brief instructions.  The pine is entirely notch and groove, so they go together nicely.  I glued the grooves, and used my brad nailer to nail throw to a backplate, first building the base.  Then I faceplated the border, using the brad nailer and glue to attach.  For the crossbar – same deal.  Nail to the door.  This did take some custom sawing but it was pretty simple after measuring and sketching the angles.

The next step will be the hardware to attach it which could be a little tougher!  I’ll be sure to post once we figure out how to do that, but I had to share this simple, 2 hour project that I think turned out great!

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