About Modestly Handmade

This site was created because we were trying different handmade projects at home and wanted to share the experience and what we were learning.  We are a young, recently married couple that had just purchased a house and have a lot of bright, ambitious ideas.  We wanted to attempt to make our own high-class, custom furniture and decor – all at a realistic cost.  This is our place to do that, and get the word out to everyone else:  you can make great pieces by yourselves!

For us, it started with planning our wedding.  We actually made a lot of things for our own wedding, and found that we really enjoyed it!  After our wedding, we had a bunch of people ask us about some of the items, listed them on Etsy, then started a couple sites to house them (our first was wood burned signs).  We saw great success with our wood burned signs site, and have loved the feedback we received.  We had a few people ask us to venture into the area of hand painted signs and furniture, and had a lot of fun with that as well.  All of the centralized projects progressed into randomly doing things around the house – things that many people do on a daily basis.

We hope you enjoy the site and the furniture plans, sign patterns, quote patterns, tips, frequently asked questions and more.  Many will be things that we experiment with for our own house, and some will just be some things that we came across on the internet.  Either way – it’ll be handmade!